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To stay in business for 100 years is truly a great achievement, but to do it in a century that has seen such unprecedented social and technological change is almost. Passing the test each part of iecbs en 62561 defines its own criteria for satisfactory performance of components. Furse provides world leading expertise and technical knowledge in the field of earthing, lightning and electronic systems protection. Our latest software to internationaleuropean standard iecen 62305 protection against lightning is an invaluable and effective tool for all those involved in working out risk to iecen 62305 part 2. Cdegs earthing software shifting the system design. Lightning risk assessment according to bs623052 furse resk. Furse is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of earthing and lightning protection systems. The abb furse total solution to earthing, lightning and electronic systems protection delivers long lasting, reliable protection of a structure. Furse developed bespoke earthing and esp equipment for the project. Producing riskbased distribution earthing designs can be tricky and time consuming. Ltd with the founder as chairman, and his sons w f furse and h j furse as directors.

Product update new strikerisk software for lightning. Furse tape junction lamp is designed to connect lightning protection to earthing system and facilitate periodic testing. Over 100 years of experience makes us acknowledged experts in the field. The resulting earthing types are displayed both on the one line diagram and for the various connected cables. You can connect with us all of earthing system material which are protected according to iec 50164 12. Furse earthing lightning protection introduction 1. Servicing a broad range of clients in the electricity distribution, transmission and generation industry and in the construction sector worldwide, our engineers are widely respected as leaders in this safety critical area. Power system earthing research web site other useful business software ftmaintenance is an easytouse, yet robust cloudbased cmms solution that automates maintenance tasks and connects you with powerful data for smarter maintenance management. Risk management second edition published in 2012 in the uk, our furse technical team has developed strikerisk v6. Therefore, this earthing or grounding software creates a 3d model of the area. A structural lightning protection system is designed to protect the fabric of a structure and the lives of the people inside by channelling the lightning strike in a safe and controlled manner. Company background 2 5 with over 100 years experience, furse is the name you can rely on total solution concept 6 9 detailed information on the furse product range which forms a total solution to all your lightning protection, transient overvoltage and earthing needs technical design service 10 11 not only do we.

And supersedes bs 7354 1990 code of practice for the design of highvoltage openterminal stations. Earthing lightning protection system market will see. Click on the link below for further information on furses strikerisk v5. It also provides a mechanism to assess third party designs. Current distribution, electromagnetic fields, grounding and soil structure analysis. As one of the world leaders in earthing and lightning protection, furse is committed to provide a quality total lightning protection solution. In 1926 furse wholesale ltd was set up as a subsidiary of the main company, to handle trade sales of electrical equipment. Cable earthing, earthing rods, copper rods, earth clamps. Furse lightning protection earthing system surge protection.

Aug 07, 2014 furse earthing lightning protection introduction 1. Evaluate the project scope, and identify the relevant applicable standardsspecifications. Total protection furse esp ldc provides effective protection between all conductors. Toni merrill furse technical department product update for more information or to request a free trial, please visit. The range of diameter for the earth rods vary from mm to 25mm mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm 3. We provide 20 for you about furse lightning protection price list page 1.

With over 126 years experience, furse provide a renowned total solution for earthing, lightning risk and electronic systems protection. A world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of earthing and lightning protection system, furse combines over 100 years of technical expertise to provide a total solution to all earthing, lightning and transient overvoltage protection needs. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Furse product tests are undertaken by an independent certified test laboratory the research development and certification centre, high voltage and high current testing laboratory to ensure our products conform. The global earthing lightning protection system market research report displays the market size, share, status, production, cost analysis, and market value with the forecast period 20202025. Ea technology uses the latest computer modelling software to create a safe environment for people and equipment. Whatever your query, commercial and technical support is readily available from our overseas offices, supported by our international network of distributors. Bs 7430 earthing protection, was similarly updated in 2011.

Simply select which product range youre interested in, then select a country and click the search button. In 1927 the refrigeration division was formed to sell the frigidaire range of products. Introduction lightning is one of natures most powerful and destructive phenomena. If youre outside the uk, find your nearest furse office or distributor using the where to buy tool. Wj furse copper alloy rod to cable clamp nominal rod dia. Khind systems is a leader in the design and supply of earthing and lightning protection systems. Its services, which include the provision of technical advice and information, are available. Streets distribution designer earthing design software. Here you can find the latest products in different kinds of furse lightning protection price list. The furse technical services team actively participates in the development of national and international standards, offering the ideal starting point for customers confronted by the challenges found in complex lightning protection projects. The tools either come as standalone packages or plugin modules to power system analysis software such as ptws groundmat or etaps ground grid design assessment. Cable services furse can offer the follow level of service. Furse earthing analysis uses stateoftheart software to determine the step and touch voltages, earth potential rise and fall, and hotcold site. This course is intended to prepare the target persons with the ability to perform all electrical grounding system design for domestic, commercial and industrial facilities and ac substations.

Iec based en 50522 earthing of power installations exceeding 1 kv a. Furse earthingandlightningprotectionproductcatalogue. Our lightning protection earthing product range includes products for protecting buildings from mechanical destruction caused by lightning effects and the associated risk of fire. Furse provides world leading earthing, lightning and electronic systems protection from our own designed and manufactured products through to risk assessment and systems design advice. From our own designed and manufactured products, through to risk assessment software and systems design advice, furse offers a renowned total solution to all your earthing and lightning protection needs. Software streets distribution designer riskbased earthing design fast. People living all around electrical assets need to be kept safe during earth fault events, but design budgets are usually very limited and the earthing system must be affordable to build. Cdegs earthing software shifting the system design industry. Low inline resistance this performance is achieved without introducing excessive resistance into the line.

A structural lightning protection system is designed to protect the fabric of a structure and the lives of the people inside by channelling the lightning strike in a safe and controlled manner to the earth termination network. Furses popular strikerisk software makes risk assessments lightning fast. The cymgrd software is a substation grounding grid design and analysis program specially developed to help engineers optimize the design of new grids and reinforce existing grids, of any shape, by virtue of easy to use, builtin danger point evaluation facilities. Working with existing sites can often lead to increased workload, furse may need information pertaining to the whole site as this can. Earthing calculations safe earthing system design forget. The tool includes fault current distribution calculations for underground cables building on work included in one. Copper development association copper development association is a nontrading organisation sponsored by the copper producers and fabricators to encourage the use of copper and copper alloys and to promote their correct and efficient application. When building or upgrading hv electrical services, one of the most important stages of the design process is the hv earthing system design. Airtermination system down conductor isolated lightning protection. This results in properly informed decision making on the best earthing and lightning protection solutions.

Furse is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of earthing and lightning protection systems. Our earthing solutions experts have pushed the boundaries in electrical power earthing for more than 15 years. System grounding and earthing types analysis software etap. The resultant substation earthing design tool simplifies the design process and enables the designer to quickly arrive at a safe design. Earthing design considerations and full details of the furse range of earthing materials introduction to the new standard bs eniec 62305 77 93 an overview of bs eniec 62305, its impact on lightning protection and the support and advice available from furse.

If we dont have representation in your chosen country listed below, send us an enquiry. New strikerisk software for lightning calculations. Manufactured from high quality copper and aluminium alloys low resistance connection between overlapping tapes simple to install tightening torque nm. Strikerisk lightning protection risk assessment software.

The low inline resistance of esp ldc allows effective protection without signal degradation and reduced signalling distance. Computer software packages can be used to assist in earthing grid design by modeling and simulation of different earthing grid configurations. Analysis of the soil resistivity results and the production of a homogeneous or multi layer soil model for use in subsequent earthing design calculations. If youre outside the uk, find your nearest furse office or distributor below. Furse are experienced on a range of projects from stock exchanges to schools, royal palaces to oil refineries and more. Strikerisk management software furse a total solution for. We provide technical support to our customers, ranging from site visits, system design advice, detailed application drawings and training. As part of the earthing calculations design safety brief. Lightning strikes present a real and significant threat to life, to the structures in which we live and work, and to the electronic systems which support us in our daily lives. Furse earthing analysis uses stateoftheart software to determine the.

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