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May, 2015 april 2015 nepal earthquake united mission to nepal. Overview of april 25, 2015 earthquake and aftershocks. Among the worsthit districts was sindhupalchok where more than. As of 29th april 2015, the nepalese government has released results in. Reconstruction needs were identified for a total amount of over eur 6 billion. The topography is pro jecte d along the profile note the vertical exaggeration and. Nepal earthquake of 2015, also called gorkha earthquake, severe earthquake that struck near the city of kathmandu in central nepal on april 25, 2015. The earthquake affected 31 out of 75 districts in nepal. Less than three weeks later, a large aftershock with a magnitude of 7. In addition, the earthquake has severely disrupted the health system and, combined with the public. Kathmandu time, striking a large area of central nepal between the capital kathmandu and the city of pokhara. In the postearthquake period, 4 different workshops and a national lessons learnt conference were organized to assess the adequacy of the preparedness and response of the health sector. Peer eeri geer reconnaissance briefing on the april 2015 gorkha nepal earthquake overview of nepal and earthquake surya shrestha human casualties deaths. Overview nepal 2015 earthquake nepal earthquakes, 25.

Following the april 2015 earthquake, the government of nepal immediately called for international assistance. Nepal earthquake of 2015 magnitude, death toll, aftermath. The region of the 2015 nepal earthquake is outlined by a box and. United nations resident coordinator office factsheets highlighting earthquake and landslide risk 29 figures figure 1. It was followed by 16 aftershocks of around 5 on the richter scale. This was followed by several powerful aftershocks, including a major one 7. The catastrophic earthquake was followed by more than 400 aftershocks greater than magnitude 4. On march 21, 2016, the toilets and handwashing stations were handed over to the school. About 9,000 people were killed, many thousands more were injured, and more than 600,000 structures in kathmandu and other nearby towns were either damaged or destroyed. Half million private houses were fully destroyed and 250,000 houses were partially damaged. On april 25 and may 12 2015 nepal was rocked by two devastating 7.

Cook, maxim shrestha and zin bo htet april 2016 citation alistair d. Nepal earthquake april 2015 uab school of public health. The inclusion of landslide maps into nepal earthquake assessment unit updates 28 box 3. Unicef nepal country office is operational and staff on the ground continue to support the response by the government and civil society actors.

Over 750,000 buildings have been completely or partially destroyed, with critical infrastructure such as. Iom appeal april july 2015 page 3 f health the latest injury estimate is 10,000 and growing. Background information on the 2015 earthquake according to information provided from the united states geological service1, the earthquake on april 25, 2015 is summarized below. Nepal earthquakes, april and may 2015 european commission. Nepal earthquake situation report 04 2 office of the resident coordinator in nepal np based solely on baseline data and models. We were able to channel funds from the earthquake fund to complete the commitment.

Field observations find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Disaster attributions should be considered in preparedness and rebuilding 2. Over 8,000 deaths have been confirmed and over 19,000 people have been injured. Cedim impact summary earthquake nepal 2015 report 3 kit. The epicentre was in lamjung district, northwest of kathmandu. Varum and others published april 2015 ghorka earthquake in nepal. A sociodemographic impact study with reference to 14 most affected districts along with a wide range of technical as well as financial support.

The health sector response to the 2015 earthquake in nepal. Unicef nepal information note earthquake 25 april 2015. Office, nepal, and international organization for migration iom, nepal for entrusting us to conduct this study nepal earthquake 2015. According to the world bank3, the kathmandu valley has a population of 2. West regions in nepal are generally considered as the poorest parts of the country, which would indicate high.

The april 2015 nepal earthquake also known as the gorkha earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. Due to the blockade in nepal, completion took long and became expensive. The initial earthquake was followed by aftershocks and another powerful quake on 12 may 2015. Structural and geotechnical observations after the april 25. On saturday april 25th 2015, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 7. The earthquake has caused several landslides and avalanches with strong aftershocks occurring in the following days. The earthquake was felt throughout central and eastern nepal.

The earthquake affected about onethird of the population. Overview nepal 2015 earthquake nepal earthquakes, 25 april. This disaster risk reduction situation report explains the drivers of disaster risks in nepal and draws attention to the efforts that have been undertaken to reduce these risks. It was the largest earthquake to strike nepal in over 80 years. The earthquake was followed by a large number of aftershocks, including one that measured 7. In total, the two earthquakes combined killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. Earthquake in nepal april 25, 2015 part 2 duration.

A devastating earthquake struck in nepal on 25 april 2015 followed by several strong aftershocks and another massive earthquake on 12 may. Nepal earthquake response report world vision international. It is an indicative figure which can be used only for. Earthquake 2015 powerful earthquake on 25 april 2015 with magnitude of 7. Detail on april 2015 earthquake of nepal on 25 april 2015 at 11. The earthquake sequence resulted in nearly 9,000 deaths, tens of thousands of injuries, and left hundreds of thousands of inhabitants homeless. A postdisaster needs assessment pdna was launched by the government of nepal to identify priority longerterm recovery needs. Pdf the 25 april 2015 nepal earthquake and its aftershocks. The role of scientific evidence during the 2015 nepal. Get the latest updates on nasa missions, watch nasa tv live, and learn about our quest to reveal the unknown and benefit all humankind. Eeri lfe briefing for the april 25, 2015 nepal earthquake and aftershocks peer eeri geer reconnaissance briefing on the april 2015 gorkha nepal earthquake summary 1.

That tremor, plus subsequent aftershocks, left more than 9,100 people dead and nearly 25,000 others injured. Nepal earthquake of 2015 map of the earthquake that struck nepal and the surrounding region on april 25, 2015. Ares nepal earthquake response nepal earthquake and ares response. Apr 27, 2015 2015 covermore insurance services pty ltd important information regarding. A computational architecture and analytical capacity were rapidly deployed within nine days of the nepal earthquake of 25th april 2015, to provide spatiotemporally detailed estimates of population displacements from call detail records based on movements of 12 million deidentified mobile phones users. Lessons from the 2015 nepal earthquake this report assesses the impact of microcredit provided to affected households after the earthquake in nepal in april 2015 to help them restore their livelihoods. Background on 25 april 2015 a large earthquake struck nepal. Many of these are severe orthopedic and spinal injuries. Media depiction of the epicentre of the 25 april 2015 earthquake 12 figure 2. Reliefweb now has over documents reporting on the disaster. Implications for future international relief efforts alistair d.

The topography is projecte d along the profile note the vertical exaggeration and. Figure i4 worlds worst natural disasters occur in asia and the pacific, 20052015 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 haitiearthquake myanmartropical cyclone chinaearthquake pakistanearthquake japanearthquake and tsunami nepalearthquake philippinestyphoon haiti. This report is produced by the office of the resident coordinator in nepal in collaboration with humanitarian partners. The asian development bank provided grant assistance. In april 2015, nepal experienced an earthquake of a magnitude of 7. Case study nepal earthquake ontheground security assistance ijet in action when the 7.

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